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Convert Text to Pdf on Linux

2016-09-02 20:23:38 +0700

Background: failed to build linux kernel documentation (still too lazy to solve problems).
Goal: generate pdf files of linux documentation, because I have reading problem when using text files. Text files look ugly when I open using my reader (Android).

Insert USB Module in Linux Kernel

2016-05-03 21:13:21 +0700

After I re-compile my kernel using a vanilla one, I found that my usb flashdrive can not be detected by my operating system. I check on dmesg, there are entry about my usb flashdrive on the log:

Build Linux Kernel from Source

2016-02-02 10:35:18 +0700

In order to doing some research in operating system, I need to build Linux kernel from source. Although my GNU/Linux distro provide Linux kernel package which ready to use, I can not use it for Linux Kernel development. It is recommended to be able build my own Linux kernel in order to customize my build.